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Trochanter Belt

  • $ 2000

Breathable, Stable Support with Innovative, New Body Shield Fabric

  • Heavy weight material combines Breathe-O-Prene with Holofiber, for improved healing and circulation
  • Holofiber uses ambient light energy to deliver oxygen energy back into the skin, aiding in healing and tissue recovery (clinical study has proven a 10% increase, on average, of oxygen levels in the skin)
  • Wicks moisture and heat away from the skin, leaving the body cooler, drier and more comfortable (unlike Neoprene, which traps air and moisture next to the skin, causing wraps to become wet, then move and lose support)
  • Designed to be worn next to the skin - thin profile can be easily worn under clothing
  • Can be worn as long as desired (unlike common elastic bandages, which eventually impede circulation)
  • No skin irritations - latex-free and adhesive-free
  • Low stretch for firm support
  • Velcro closures
  • Hand washable - black color minimizes the appearance of stains and dirt

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