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MediLock™ Healthcare & Safety Security Lock Kit

  • $ 3500
  • Save $ 15

SAVES MONEY by Working with Your Existing Storage Areas to Keep Medical Supplies and Other Valuables Locked and Secure

  • Secures controlled substances and expensive items quickly and easily - without installing costly internal locks
  • Easy to Install - No drilling required Won't damage internal cabinet or refrigerator parts. Features high performance 3M VHB adhesive tape: incredibly strong, long-lasting, resists moisture and UV, and withstands temperatures from -40° to 200° F
  • Allows easy compliance with Federal Register regulations for hospitals (click here for regulation info)
  • Regular for smaller cabinets, carts, coolers and drawers
  • Available in six colors
  • Kit includes "Secured Area" sticker to direct users to the proper key-holding authority
  • MasterLock® keyed padlock included
  • Each side contains a 3mm thick steel plate with a textured painted surface
  • Ultra Strong!
    Regular size requires 500 lbs of force to remove, once installed (adhesive bond between the MediLock plate and furniture would give way)