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  • Ideal for OSHA Standards, emergency preparedness, CDC Guidelines, FDA Procedures, quick reference guides, employee training and much more!
  • Made of durable, flexible PVP vinyl material
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Flipcharts contain either 12 or 16 clear sleeves (pages) where user inserts personalized content
  • Staggered tab layout allows bottom 1/2" of all tabs to be visible at once, which makes finding important information effortless
  • Simple flip-page design quickly conveys important information
  • Easily updated to keep information current - change only what's needed, one sleeve at a time
  • Slim profile takes up less space than a binder
  • Wall mounting hole in back for easy reference
  • Disc included that contains user-friendly templates for both 12 and 16 page Flipcharts
  • Templates contain color bars at the bottom of each page and paragraph formatting - all you do is enter content!

Sold as 1 each

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