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Multi-Color Pack Latex-Free Tourniquets

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Multi-Color Pack Latex-Free Tourniquets (one roll of each color)

Latex-Free, Baby-Soft Cohesive Bandage with Patented Open Cell Foam Technology

  • Multiple applications, including:
    - treatment of edema
    - holding dressings in place
    - stabilizing IVs
    - light compression wrap
  • Open cell foam surface provides maximum comfort
  • Quick-stick open cell foam clings to itself, stays in place and will not unravel
  • No stretching required! Tension at which CoFlex LF2 is applied will remain consistent
  • Water-resistant cohesive is unaffected by water and holds up to wet dressings
  • Soft and comfortable foam layer is non-irritating and gentle
  • Thin and lightweight for added comfort and prolonged wear
  • Quick and easy hand tear
  • Each roll is individually wrapped in plastic
  • Patented technology: U.S. patents numbers 5.762.623, 6.156.424 and 6.566.576

36 rl/cs

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